Taylor Merchant

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Hi, I知 Taylor Merchant and I知 7 years old. I知 the youngest member of the Mohawk Valley Firebirds. I致e just started to learn how to fly model airplanes from my Dad. Right now I fly a Hangar 9 Piper Cub with a Saito 65 up front. My Dad gets it up in the air and I fly around using a buddy-box. I知 going to put a Sig Senior Kadet together over the winter for the 2003 flying season. I知 going to put a Saito 65 in it and an FMA Co-PilotJust in caseJ 

I got my first airplane ride this summer. I went up with Jim in his Aeronca Champ. It was the best! I致e made a lot of new friends this past summer flying up at the field. I can稚 wait to get my wings next year!


C U @ the flying field!





my Dad's other little Fokker...


Who you callin' a WartHog??!!


It's my birthday!!! It's my birthday!!!   This shoe STINKS! No really, it smells bad