Getting Started

With the help of experienced modelers, a beginner should be able to make a somewhat educated guess as to which trainer system best fits his needs. There are many sources from which a beginner can purchase the equipment that he will use to begin the hobby. Most people live in or near a city that has a hobby shop that carries R/C equipment. The prices may be higher than those from a mail order house but the owner of the shop can be a big benefit to the beginner. Mail order houses usually have a larger selection than local hobby shops but the beginner must know exactly what he wants to buy and place the order for everything at the same time to avoid incurring multiple shipping charges.

When a beginner makes the decision to become involved in R/C aircraft modeling, he must be willing to devote his time and money to the hobby. He must be willing to tolerate disappointment and frustration. Although R/C modeling can be frustrating and disappointing at times, it can be very rewarding and a lot of fun.