!!! Please DO-NOT Drive on Runway !!!


From Utica:

Take Albany St. south To Hygby Rd... Continue south on Albany Rd... Turn left onto Gulf Rd... Airport will be on your left.


From East and West:

Take State Rout 5S to Frankfort Fair Grounds Exit. Turn south onto Cemetery St... Cemetery St will change into Higby Rd. after a few miles (Look for small Airport sign.). Turn left onto McIntyre Rd. Go to end of McIntyre Rd. (About 1.5 miles.). Turn left onto Gulf Rd. Airport is on your left.


From North:

Take State Rout 12 to Downtown Utica Exit. Follow Rout 5S sign and continue with East and West directions.


From South:

Take State Route 8 to Washington Mills Exit. Turn east onto Kellogg Rd. Continue east on Kellogg Rd. After you go threw intersection, road will change to Chapman Rd... Continue on Chapman Rd till you come to stop light. Turn right onto Higby Rd. After a few miles, you will see a natural gas treatment plant on your left. Soon after you see treatment plant, turn right onto Albany Rd. Continue on Albany Rd and turn left onto Gulf Rd. Airport will be on your left.