Field Rules

  Because we fly at a full-scale airport, you can not fly without a dedicated spotter and a scanner that will receive full-scale aircraft tuned to 122.8 mhz. We have a scanner that is available for all members to use. Most of our members also have their own scanner. It is not necessary to have multiple scanners running. One will do the job.

Before a pilot approaches a flight station, he/she must be certain they have asked someone to spot for them, and listen to the scanner for approaching and departing full-scale aircraft. It is not necessary to have multiple spotters. A spotter may spot for more than one pilot, but do not take it for granted that another pilot's spotter is spotting for you. All pilots must personally ask someone to spot for them.

Any MVRCM member or ADULT non-MVRCM member may be a spotter. Only AMA members are allowed to be at the flight station with a pilot. All other spotters must be behind the pit area, but must remain on the flying side of the spectator fence.

In the event that a full-scale aircraft is spotted approaching our field, if you so desire to, you must land your aircraft before the approaching aircraft has made it's final approach turn from it's base leg turn. If you do not desire to land your aircraft, your spotter must direct you where to fly your aircraft so that you are not in the same pattern as the full-scale aircraft.

You may NOT AT ANY TIME taxi, land, or depart your aircraft when a full-scale aircraft is on final approach, departing, or taxing on the runway.

Any Firebird member or their guest found to be negligent as a result of not following these rules will have their membership revoked and will be permanently banned from flying at our field.

These rules will be strictly inforced. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!

More Field Rules

  All new members must first demonstrate a solo flight in the presence of a club flight instructor before attempting to fly and if deemed so by the instructor, must initiate a flight instruction course.

All members must have a current AMA membership in order to fly.

All junior members must be accompanied by at least one ADULT club member in order to fly.

Due to FAA regulations, there can be NO free-flight of any kind at a full-scale airport. This includes kites. Uncontrolled aircraft create a great danger and may cross the path of incoming and outgoing full-scale aircraft.

All pilots must follow standard frequency-board and transmitter-impound procedures.

All pilots must abide by the revised 2002 AMA Safety Code.

Even More Field Rules













Just kidding.



Guest Policy

  All guests must be accompanied by an MVRCM member and hold a current AMA membership. The first visit is free. There will be a $5.00 charge for each additional visit that can be applied to a club membership if guest so desires.
All MVRCM members WILL be held accountable for their guests in the event of any irresponsible or negligent actions.


For a complete list of club rules, please contact any club officer.