Tom Merchant


  Hi. My name is Tom Merchant and Iíve been involved in RC since I was a teenager in 1974. My first plane was a Jr. Champ with a Cox .09 and a World Engines 2 channel radio. I flew it off of South Bay on Oneida Lake in the middle of January. No snow...just ice. It made for some strange physics on takeoff.

I continued to fly on and off through high school and college. In the mid 80ís I started flying gliders. I really enjoyed the cerebral aspect of flying sailplanes. I owned one of the original Hobie Hawks painted red and covered in transparent red Monokote. I also built a Top Flight Antares and covered it in metallic charcoal and circus pink Monokote...called it "Flamingoid". After a few years I began to miss the adrenaline rush of flying nitro so I migrated back to powered flight.

I first joined the Mohawk Valley Firebirds in 1990 when we flew at the old Marcy airport. (Now the WalMart distribution center) After 1992 my career commitments began to occupy more of my time and I found I could no longer devote the time required to fly safely so I hung up my transmitter and hit the Career Highway....

Well in 1999 I had a wife, son and daughter plus a farm to care for but I needed to revisit RC once again. I began to refresh my equipment and bought one of the new JR XP8103dt radios and started to build a BalsaNova....with everything else going on, I found I only had enough time to either build or fly...I picked fly. I went to Brennanís and bought a Hangar9 Cub ARF and a Saito 65. I joined the CloudBusters and in no time I was flying again and falling in love all over again.


  Here are some pics of my current fleet.


(Click on pics for a larger view.)



This is my
Hangar 9 Piper Cub ARF.




This is my
Direct Connection Ultimate KAOS 40.










Here are some shots of my
Great Planes Fokker Dr1,
powerd by a Saito FA .80 four stroke engine.














Here is my
Kyosho Cap, 232
powerd by an MVVS .49.




Here are some shots of my
Sidewalk Flyers Flight Line
Chief Mk II flight box.















See You At The Field!!!

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